Sunday, December 21, 2008

December cheers =)

It's the season to be jollyy..
Faa lalalala lala la la.
It's the season to get presents.
Faa lalalala lala la la.

Ok. saya dah pulang.
It's been 4 years since i went Singapore.
went there
spent all.
came back empty handed.
Doesn't make sense huh.
Never mind.
I'll tell the story.

We went there by bus. (Ok.reasonable lah)
went there.

30sg Singapore Flyer
That thing goes up and down.
One biggggggggg round. And what you see?

50sg G-max bungy jump, G-5 shooting up the sky thingy.
This one was worth it.
You should see Yu Bin's face.HAHAHA
The first one goes up like 60 metres high and swings down at 140kph like a pendulum.
The first was pretty ok.
The 2nd one.

Its this one that we saw no one taking it.
We thought why.

You start at the btm,ur seat facing up to the sky
suddenly it shoots you up at 200kph up 60 over metres.
Then. The chair will spin around 360 and your chair be facing down looking down on earth.
Thats when your heart skips a beat.
Down you go at a super speed.
10 times worse than Solero Shot. At least you don't have to look at the ground.
Will show the video of our reaction soon.hahah

Next day Sentosa,
50sg ticket 20 sg cable car.
Crazy lah.Not that much things to do in there also.
Haih. But at least we got to do something lah..

At Orchard Road finding makan place.
everywhere already close suprisingly.
even Paragon already closed.
So hungry. So we decided to go Svenson's.
OK, we thought. 'Shouldn't be that expensive'
The bill.

Svenson's sg76.
And we ate so little. Tax here Tax there. babbbiii. lol

Thank god for Darren's uncle. =D
He brought us around the next day.
Really nice guy. Brought us eat lunch and visited the Science Centre.
very different since i last went there.
That day i spent 0. xD

Overall i spent around 265.80sg
which is rm637.40. Wait i haven't added the rm465 for the hotel and bus. zzz.
Disaster T.T

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh ya, Fellow darlings. Im off to Singapore tmrw! 17-19

I know how i feel about you noww.

Long time no blog dy. haha.
Sunday was a big day for someone.
His name is Chew Jia Ler.
* This guy is freaking hawt. also. He's single. Want his number can contact me =D
I'll pose his playboy pic later. waiting for Darren to get on. haha
Went to ou that day for his birthday after church.
I go there hor. Need wait birthday boy 1 hour. Like king
Went to eat Paddington's since Jian Kai was like getting skinnier by the minutes.
So we had to make him fat AGAIN.=) jkjk
Went to watch a movie called smth like The Day The Earth Stood Still.
Freaking lameee. lol. but graphics pretty nice.
After watching had to rush back. sry guys. =(
On that very day, Jia Ler confirmed he ding dong diang. Can't go Singapore.
* He is a ffk king too.
<> Overall, he's a fantastic friend,which does not exclude Darren Yubin And Jian Kai.You guys simply make people's day=] oh Jia Ler, again Happy Birthday.=D

Monday. Woke up early. Cleaned the house. Bla bla bla.
Then straight off to meet the
10ftgiraffee*Ka Poh, =p
Bimbo!*Sue Ann, =3
fatDogface*Anselm, =D
and Sissytard*JunWei. =x
Went to makan at hell knows where in Gardens.
I know i ate a kind of mee. period.
Later hor went shopping for shoes. Girls went to try heels. We were bored and went to see Crocs! Amselm suggested that we should buy each other a Crocs for Xmas. So 3 of us would be totally gays. He was serious. =______=
Later went pool. okay. I did not know Ka Poh really that not bad.= Sue Ann wasn't too bad herself the first time. JunWei is a pro at shooting the white ball in.5 times in a row. haha. Anselm.Nth to say. xD
Later, we left the girls and grabbed a starbucks and off we went to Hilton.
Imagine 3 guys running the threadmill next to each other?
Anselm ran out of air first. Noob. ahaha. Jun Wei boleh tahan lahh. =DDD
We played around with some equipments then we left for home! =)

Tennis 8-9
Eng 11-1.15
Gym 2.15-5.35
Walk back home from Maxis 6-6.20
Blog(now). haha
Off to dinner. Will upload some pics soon.><
I promise

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Some Un-normal Event =D

SMK Damansara Utama Leo Society is proudly organizing a fun packed one day event.
'Make Some Noise' will be held on the 17th of Jan at KDU,
So make sure you make that date free and join in the fun! =D

Sunday, December 07, 2008

The facts of the city where Ancient Civilization began

As we know.
Egypt is famous for its ancient civilization and some of the world's most famous monuments, including the Giza pyramids and its Sphinx!
What we dunno is that it has one of the world's most crowded cities.
with over 25 million people in the capital city in Cairo itself. You must be wondering,
Wow thats almost the population of Malaysia in a densely packed and stuffy desert city.

You wouldn't believe me.You have to see it to believe it.
Just look at numbers of cars. It's always jam in the city. Worst than KL 100 =s

2nd. Only 8% of the total 1,100,000 square kilometres is covered with people.
(Imagine 84 million people living in err. wait let me use calculator, in 88000 square kilometres.
exactly 1/4 of Malaysia's area)

Others. Sand.
3rd. There are only two kinds of people there.
The multi millionaires.
The absolute poor.


As you can see for yourself here,
Traffic light does not exist in Egypt.
They do exist, but it is used as a decoration i guess.
No one bothers.Awesome huh?
That can be usually be blamed for the traffic jam.
But suprisingly, accidents rarely happen worr.

5th. Oh kay. You should know that it doesn't rain in deserts,
So its very very very dusty.
What you don't know is that
Its VERY dusty.
Look for this for example.

See the dust covering the city?
Interesting right?
when i sneezed also got brown dust come out from my nose. LOL

Another pic.=]

Overall it's a nice place to visit
Have to visit lor once in a lifetime.
Darn fun. An eye opener.
Things you'll never get to see anywhere in any parts of the world

Saturday, December 06, 2008


He's back.
In the groove.
Reality hits hard. I'm back from the excruciating heat oven.
It's never winter there. When they say winter,
It means cold at night.=.=
Morning to noon was like 35-37 degrees in the desert?
Night is like 10-13 degrees.
Sgt irritating. But nonetheless.Me had fun.
With all the old people.No girls No teenagers.Only Grannys.haha
I'll be back tmrw. Gotta have my nap.jet lagged