Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Shout to the wall.

I am scared. I am worried. First of all, I'm surprised!
I got the interview. I think everyone got it, everyone who seem to had applied for it got it. I dunno if it's true. I heard so!

Alright, updating bout my college life.
I'm beginning to slack. Just like during high school. Bad time to start slowing down as mock exams are just around the corner!
Worried me. I bet Harvard and Cambridge are sweating over my results, they must be so worried that i don't score well and they will lose out on such a naturally-talented person and also a potential trillionair. HAHAHA xD

Next, You must be wondering why i'm blogging.
1) My friends miss me. They want to read about me. So be it.=)
2) I realize my English is deteriorating. Haven't been writing since like --SPM?
3) I need to blog. I'm too quiet nowadays. I need to speak to my blog. I've been an introvert lately. It's bad. bad. b-a-d.

F.y.i :: I'll blog as much as i can if i have time kay? Don't give up on my blog! =D I'll constantly update if possible.!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This blog needs an uplift

I promise i'm gonna do a mojor uplift to this blog. by the ennd of this week. =)