Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cool and weird things you ought to know!

Emergency Number
The emergency number worldwide for mobile phones is 112. If you find yourself out of coverage area of your mobile network and there is an emergency, dial 112 and the mobile will search for any existing networks around the area to establish a connection from other networks to let you call.
p/s: it can be dialed even if the keypad is locked.

Awesome huh?

Hidden Battery Power
To activate, press the keys *3370# and your mobile will restart with reserve and it wil show a 50% increase in battery.
the reserve will be replaced when you recharge your mobile next time.

Didn't know , did you?

How to avoid crying while peeling onions
To do that, chew gum.! Don't ask me why it works. Ask the scientist.I not scientist yet.

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 =12,345,678,987,654,321

If we were to spell out numbers one by one, how many numbers would it take to have the first letter 'A' in a number.?
until one thous'A'nd.


Each kind in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history:
Spades: King David
Hearts: Charlemagne
Clubs : Alexander the Great
Diamonds: Julius Caesar

The Letter 'i'
The dot above the letter 'i' is called a tittle!

Rats and Camels
They say camels can stay 2 weeks without water, so people assume they can survive the longest without water. But wait. rats can stay much longer. =.=

Hot water and cold water,which freezes faster?
Hot water freezes faster than cold water. If you try to place a cup of hot water and another cup of cold water in the freezer, you'll realize hot water freezes faster. weird huh?

How many phases are there in water?
solid, liquid and gas right? nah, ther are way more than that. there are 5 phases of liquid and 14 phases of ice. (at the moment)

Cool right? So tired typing. lol nights people.!
Btw, my marks this term...hmm. neutral =D

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sakit. aduh.

Monday night feveeeeeerrrrrrrrrr~
how to study leh

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I've slept a total of 1 hour and 12 mins the last 46 hours.
My eyes are shuttering, my hands are weak, and my head feels heavy.
I love exams seriously, without exams,
i wouldn't know whats stress
i wouldn't know whats pressure
i wouldn't know whats SPM. heeee

Sunday, June 07, 2009

I found my after-exams-to read book!

Guess what people who live under the ocean!
New Moon is out end of this year, ok everybody knows that..
It was announced recently at the MTV movie awards it's release date is 20th Nov.
and the trailer is outta.
I know it's like i'm talking about smth that happenned two weeks ago, but i wanted to blog bout this thing, cause i've decided to read it!
I've read the first one, cause my introduced it to me, which was then an unknown book.

BUT! just 4 months later, every corner i see a girl reading it,
:: Awesome. Another topic to chit-chat with girls about. yay. xD

This time it my motiveain't gonna be any different,
though many girls already read the 2nd book,
at least i still got a topic to talk about. HAHAHA

OH yeah baby, 27th June, this book will be in my hands 24/7.. =x

Saturday, June 06, 2009


Heeee lo.
Buh byeee.
1 week gone just like that,
Ishh, gotta get use to the accelerating time.
Its like when i just began to chill out, have a cup of tea,and look at the clock and whoosh! It's already the next day.
Wake up.. Whoosh! Next day.
Before i can blink..Whoosh! Next month.
It's something like that in my life now. In 20 mins i'll be celebrating my 152th birthday.
Suddenly one day on my 1023th birthday, God looks down and say, Holy shhh.., time flew so fast, i forgot to kill you off, and whammm, i'm goone.*Bloop*

Monday, June 01, 2009

My first written lyrics!

I wrote this for fun for all heart-broken people.

It's also because someone gave me this title, so i could not have thought of a better lyrics than this.

I kinda wasted alot of study-time on this, die. lol

It's abit long. But i love it! hope you do too =D

Little Beautiful

Little Beautiful © 2009 lol

Composed by,

Justin Choong. 1/6/09

(first verse)

Sometimes I wonder, do you still think of me?

I still remember the first time

It all started with a short text.

Then our love blossomed like flowers,

We met in school every morning

You gave me a smile and took my hand

I suddenly felt that happiness only lovers would understand

You brought me unimaginable joy and happiness,

Till one day you stabbed me with reality.

I came to realize what my friends used to say were true,

'Happy endings are fiction, it has no definition;

True love does not have a happy ending, because it never ends.'


Never did I thought when I first met you,

You could melt my heart so deep,so so deep.

You’ve really hurt my feelings,

And I deserve much better than you.

You said you loved me,

But I guess I was wrong.

I know it’s not gonna help now,

Writing you this pathetic song.

But I want you to know that,
You’ll always remain a piece of little beautiful in my heart.

(second verse)

This may sound silly to you.

But I thought we would last till our very last breath.

The words you spoke into me,

Were like jewels encrusted onto my heart. Priceless.

You came to me like a shining star,

And left me like a morgue in the night.

I always thought I was the luckiest person on Earth.

You made my life a little more worthwhile,

You brought me a smile even when you’re not around,

You were the first and last thought I think and dream of each day.

Now, It’s a nightmare without you ,
and I can’t hold back any longer..


I need tell you this ..


*same as top*


You’ve made a mark in my life,

It was permanent.

You’ve took something away from me,

That no one else can take again someday.

You’ve lied to me saying that I’m irreplaceable,

But now, I see you attached with another person.

I wonder.

Do you still remember me? (As if you would.)

Do you still think for me? (Do you even care?)

Did you ever mean those three words when you said it to me? (You never did)

Never ever thought that life was that meaningful, till you came.

Never wondered life was so beautiful, till you messed it

You ought to know,

You really sucked. But I can’t help missing you.

(pre-chorus finale/final hook)

If only I could speak to you, I might feel better.

So I wrote this song, instead of a writing letter

To let you know..

(chorus finale)

You’re the first and last I will ever love,

You melted my heart like no one else could.

You said you loved me,

But I guess I was wrong.

(So so wrong and)

I know it’s not gonna help now,

(Cause it’s to late to).

Write you this pathetic song,

Though you have hurt my feelings,

Though I deserve much better than you,

But I want you to know

(I need you to know)

i love you

you’ll always remain a piece of little beautiful in my heart.