Sunday, May 31, 2009

Nearing completion

Oh my gosh?
It's like 80% dy. ZOMG.
Happy happy.=D

Compose, Lyrics and broken hearts

Woohoo. Remember in my 100th post i promised to compose a song?
It's 33% done! Heeeee.. i know. i'm faithful and loyal to my words =x
Alright, i wanna thank that person who gave me a title to begin with
Lotsa Thanks!!! =D
So after giving a long thought, i finally knew what to write.
It's something that many face in life, not all
I haven't xD
But i just thought of composing a song bout that.
For the time being it looks awesome!
Can't wait for the outcome.
I'm the next Ryan Tedder, Timbaland, Jay-Z? hahaha
Gimme another 2 days

Friday, May 22, 2009

Time thrown into thin air

I wasted valuable time today,
stayed home never studied. Dang.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Music is my no.1 fan

Awesome it may sound, it's the latest albums released yo.
And for the record, all are famous people with superb albums.

Eminem- Relapse
Released date: 18th May
Songs to look out: Too many, personal fav are
We Made You
Bagpipes From Baghdad

Kate Vongele- A Fine Mess
Released date: 18th May
Songs to look out for:
Sweet Silver Lining
Forever Almost And Always
99 Times

Green Day- 21st Century Breakdown
Released date:15th May
Songs to look out for: pretty awesome album*
21 Guns
Know Your Enemy
!Viva La Gloria!
Last Night On Earth
21st Century Breakdown

Linkin Park-New Divide(single album)
Released date: 19th May
Song to look out for:
New Divide

Black Eye Peas-Imma Be(single album)
Released date
Song to look out for:
Imma be

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tonight we will see every team in the EPL chant along with the Manutd fans.
And here it goes,

Glory glory Man united,
Glory glory Man united,
Glory glory Man united,
As the reds go marching on on on!

Oh yah babeh

I wonder what ship has never docked at Liverpool?
A: The Premiership!
A: They are no answers for losers.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I just googled, i got bamboozled!

Google is no doubt our most favourite search engine. Like duh?
But how many of us realize it's malfunctions at times.
And if you ask Google for some fun, it won’t disappoint you either. Here are 5 weird and hilarious Google search results which I am sure you’re gonna enjoy !

1) Type achieving.
Don't say i teach you wrong stuff. Achieving is a healthy word. Just the results are O.O
So if you're lazy to search here it goes!


Stupid right? Okay, for those who thought George Bush was a failure, we weren't the only ones..
Google did too!
2) Type Who is a failure?

Well, enough said about America.
We always thought that own companies will recommend their own companies first right if i'm not wrong?
But Google doesn't.
3)Type: Search
MSN LIVE SEARCH came up first!
i know that the algorithm has to do something with it, but still Google should be the first result because that’s what people associate the word ‘ search ‘ with right?

Hmm. do you barbeque? If you don't, we should have a bbq party one day.
Then, if the grill goes wet we can ask Google!
4)Type: What to do if inside grill is wet?

Omg? yeah. oh my gawd.

Hahaha, and i went to search me up,
And i was wearing a Gap shirt.
so i kept typing nonsense like Justin is wearing Gap. Justin is a Gap. Justin loves Gap.
So i came up with one you must check urself. =D

5)Type: Justin is Gap


Friday, May 08, 2009

Smells like 'Green' spirit

I can't tell you how i feel every time i think of the times spent working on the preps,
It's really awesome. Having the thought of myself walking in out, making 'durians' out of nothing, buying tape from the bookshop, sticking newspaper under the never-fading sunwave heat, seeing members tirelessly working their socks off to have things done and the special bond holding us all green house members as one really was a magnificent scene.

One paragraph dedicated to one word. it was absolutely FUN.

Well, not that i participate much in club activities, so this is something i rarely pull myself into. It looked that i really didn't much contribute to all the prep(kinda partly true),seeing me walking around all the time, but i actually gave a whole lot behind the scenes, xP. Those walking ain't for nothing but something. haha. And i didn't really dare take the responsibility sometimes to colour or cut but i did quite a bit heh, cause i know i ain't an arts or crafty person and didn't really wanna ruin anything.xD ( Call me an irresponsible Setiausaha haha)

But overall, i wanna thank each and every single 'durian army' member that gave their heart and soul for this year's green house prep, each presence was felt and i really appreciate all the selflessly effort put it. I hope this memories will be something we will cherish and treasure. To me, it was an honour being in the team. I guess you guys ought to feel that too. To all the committee members in charge, you guys were so dedicated and so absorbed into it, it was like we were heading to the top above ungu( Too bad ungu were 300 points away) aawww. but, a big thumbs up to u guys, you guys deserve all the praise and recognition for the achievement and the heartiest gratitude of praise to you guys. You guys were brilliant. Throughout the process, we faced problems, we had troubles, we had everything thrown at our face, but you guys never gave up, and pull your way through. Love you guys( you better love me too000). =]

Well, i'm bloody tired right now. Run run run. Laugh laugh laugh.
Sleeping is no.1 priority.Thanks to Yee Pin's and Yong Zheng's creatively cute snores, deprive me of my beauty sleep. Off to bed.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Said and being done.

Alright, i've been busy with green house deco, and so many more things i just can't remember.
Not feeling well.sick to my bed.
Well, i'm here to say that. I'm gonna put an effort for church's youth day.
Feel bad i didn't have time to practise for today's whole team practise.
Was sucky, wait i do suck always, was suckier than ever. hahaaha.
Ok, i pledge to give my best, heh to Joshua and others.=]
Before the next whole team practise which is in a months time,
I'm gonna do my best not to make a jiggy-wiggy out of myself again, and most of all,

for god.