Friday, August 22, 2008


ITS BEEN 2 MONTHS since i blogged. Great.
Holidays are funn.Err sought of.
Alright Monday was abit cheesy.I slept and slept and slept.

Day 2. It was darren's birthday! =] Went Sunway early to buy lil goodies for him.
wait.i forgot to mention.I went with a Lala. darn. Ask Yu bin if he doesn't agree.Hor? xD
Met Jia ler there. he was stoning like a rock at A&W. Went to Asian Avenue-LalaLand to shop for darren's lala-ish present.was great. I see those thorn tattered clothes or those high long colourful boots.oh well. i respect ur lala unique fashion. but seeing two guys wearing the same exact clothes and torned pants and SAME BOOTS wearing blue sunglasses., thatt is too much.
WAIT theres MORE! THERE was this girl who dreesed like Alice In Wonderland.EXACTLY, she also wore the head thang like Alice. AND most of all SHES XXXXXXL.Met up with cheng yeh paul anxin vern xien and birthday boy DARREN! and went to eat Tony Romas.btw we were 30 mins late for WALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL-EEE! =D

Day 3. I guessed i fell sick from Lalaland. had flu and cold and fever and sorethroat and aiya everything.Stayed at home

Day 4. It doesnt seem to get btr.Home.

Day 5. I woke up i still felt sick.
No worries! Dota dota dota. till 2.ate lunch and here i am.haha.
I'm so freaking bored.Guessed its time to study.! (You think i will? =_______=) ]

Okay Avril's coming to KL once again. This time for real i guess. she said it herself.=D

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