Friday, January 30, 2009

I wanna take this opportunity to wish everyone
a happy happy chinese new year.=]
may it be a auspicious year which would bless us all in different ways.
heee. =D

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You've got to be the happiest today, =)

Yeah i'm very very tired. I have to admit here.
I'm been so busy lately. Every morning,
I mean every single morning
6 or 7 am i'm up, no matter it's Satuday or a Sunday,
I have so many things to do.
The best part is everyday i've been sleeping at 12 or 1.
I'm not those who sleeps very lil, particularly me,
I sleep 12-13 hours doing hols. now. 5-6. I can't take it lor seriously.
I've been falling sick lately. But yet i ignore the fever.
You can't see right thru me. I'm not a prominent person who express alot the state i am in,
maybe i do.But it's because my mind had taken the toll on me.

promises to smile no matter what.=) =) =)

Obama is going to be the 1st black and 44th president today.
May he not be assasinated.xD

And happy 1st man. We rock.^^

Friday, January 16, 2009

My dream job. I'm so serious.

BRISBANE, Australia, Jan. 12 (UPI) -- Australian officials are seeking applicants to fill a "dream job" that includes swimming, sailing and living rent-free in a multi-million dollar villa with a pool.
The Tourism of Queensland, said the agency is searching for someone willing to spend six months on the tropical Hamilton Island while blogging and posting pictures and videos to draw tourists to the area, the BBC reported Monday.
The caretaker, who would be paid Rm380,000 for six months, would also be charged with feeding some of the island's exotic fish and collecting mail addressed to the island.

Ok. Well many have asked me what was my dream job.
I told them.
I wanna sit at home sleep.Eat. Relax on a beach. And people serving me with the best food and delicacies.
Yes. I found the job. But too bad it's 18 and above. Darn.
You know what? life's unfair.

Imagine Justin here,
One of the hotels,

The beach

The Pool.



3 days to a day i'll never forget,
4 days to a day i'll cherish so much,
and 9 days to holiday!!! =D
Spm is less than 300 days away =(

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crisis always occurs at the curve of change.

Whenn i was soooo looking forward for the football friendly thang,
i just have to fall sick the night before.
i took panadol. it did help.
i took cough medicine. it did help
i took soar throat medicine. it did help.
i took flu medicine. it did help too.
next morning. 6.30am.
I woke up, head spinning cause my head was burning. the soarness never seem to have faded.the flu never seems to stop running. On the bright side, i didn't cough xD
Ok. I had no choice. to skip football. But, it was kinda a good thing anyway, i gave up football for 5 hours of sleep.12 woke up. but illness persisted.
Gah. Things just have to go wrong at the last minute. Life memang begitu lah. =(

Friday, January 09, 2009


Okkkkkkk, first of all.
I hate school.
I like going to school.

First week wasn't perfect.
But it was great!.
Btw i love the girls toilet wey.
Got mirror and and..ermm basin.=D
okok.. that wasn't it. I got chosen as secretary for Green house. +__+
Unexpected. Thanksssss ppl who voted. =) really appreciated each hand raised.
but secretary.(so mafan) aiyo.
But at least..i got smth. heeee.*winks xD
And p.s i'm addicted to gym . zzz

Saturday, January 03, 2009

32 hours to school.

Somehow i'm reluctant of going to school,
but thinking of all my pathetic friends. i miss you guys =)
thinking of add maths. i miss you like i miss exams =s
thinking of having to face alot of tough stuff this year. love it T.T
I simply can't wait...
to go back to school. =/
btw classmates i freaking miss you guys. promise me we'll make all hell break loose this year. teeeheee.xD

Friday, January 02, 2009

How can i resist you?

Who would have thought.
That this band ABBA would turn out to be a smashing hit musical across the world 3 decades later?
over30 million have watched it. Everyone loved it.
Including meee! =D
Weent there last night.
Mahathir was there.! so what..
The musical was fantastic. kinda makes you in the groove to dance.
Was brilliant lah honestly.

You got me going =D.

hello 2009! bye to 2008..
Ah the 3 weeks i have been so so busy,
everyday had something on.oh well.
20th-22th. had carolling.
pretty cool i guess.
went around peoples houses as usual.
singing..but well, it wasn't all bout singing right?
Its about the fooooooooooooooooooooooood! =D

24th had xmas performance in church.
I was in the choir.=)
* no, i still can't sing. Just callefair =D

25th was xmas!
went around collecting gifts.
went around to houses to eat eat eat. heeee

26th went to stay overnight at One World Hotel with a bunch of mates that i've been playing along since i was 0 years old. 2 of them are going off to Aussie for their studies. Best of luck to them =]

27th Was in ou half the day then off to church for drums service practice thingy lah.

28th-30th After church, went off for youth camp! Stayed 2 nights at Country Heights, Kajang.
kinda likey the place. The satay Kajang was awesome there.=x had lotsa fun. But learned alot too but God. Amen. haha

31st Oh i slept thru the day. Too tired. xD Went to church at night. Countdown. Then off with mates to kopitiam till 3 something