Thursday, April 08, 2010

I hate speaking Bahasa Malayu!

Went for JPA. whoots. wasn't that bad.
EXCEPT for the speaking in BM section. totally screwed up that section. haha. I met alot of NERDS. Just like me! *Ahem* no lah. they looked geeky and they ARE what you see. haha. straight A+, straight A's.. you name it. Wish i were one =(
'I'm almost one of them! They didn't take Chinese for SPM thats why!' =(
Well. Exams are coming really soon! I should seriously buck up now if i wanna do well. Oh and i will =)

And tonight, Good luck to Tiger. I'm still a fan. =)

And oh. Michael Lynch should get kicked la. He's so overweight. No potential larh! Duwan another Ruben Studdard.
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