Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rome was not build in a day. Neither were we =)

Ah! i've been so caught up with exams, minta maaf i didn't blog for the past one week! =)
Ah, this week when well, never slept in the afternoon for the past 4 days, till today.. finally i couldn't take it anymore.. haha BUT it's a big improvement from last week, 4 /5 weekday afternooons i slept lol
Ah. Tomorrow i'm heading over to.., "eh, which mall again ah stupid? xp" to watch

Ah! Another girly-twirly-whirly movie. Hope i don't fall asleep ngek ngek ^^

*I'm really deprived of sports since i came to college. =( Sports was my life. Now.. books?

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