Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hands held high

Gave up on studying.=]

Monday, April 27, 2009

All about Ze' food

100th post heree i go~!

I've been going to Bangsar very very much recently,.
Why can't i stay there.
Ok, oh well it's partly for dinners.
So, well, this is my view of the best restaurants in Bangsar.

La Bodega
Jalan Telawi 2.
RM 40 per person ( Approximation – 3 course meal, excluding drinks)
Ambience: Cosy,Family-orientated

Ok i know there are many branches already,
but i feel this is best among the best, i've know theres one at BSC, Pavilion and etc.
But well, this is btr off. I dunno why..
This elegant Spanish house offers a vast variety of Tapas and infused-Latin food,
pretty excellent i shall say.

Telawi Street Bistro
Off Jalan Telawi 1 & 3.
RM65/per person ( Approximation – 3 course meal, excluding drinks)
Ambience: Cosy, Classy. Upstairs:Bar lounge atmosphere.
Part bar, part bistro, this sophisticated hangout offers fabulous modern European food ranging from the exotic Mediterranean to err Spanish and Italian and English!
This place is more like a chill out place with extravagant food.
Fantastic food, especially the desert, the raspberry
crème brûlée.
OMG u gotta try it.
It was the most delectable food I've had consumed
and the best tables are al-fresco which are mainly upstairs, and the upstairs bar transforms into a dance floor when dining is done.

Jalan Ara, One Bangsar
Rm55 /per person( Approximation- 3 course meal, excluding drinks)
Ambience: Fine Dining
Grandly laid tables and imaginative modern European food await you at this tasteful restaurant in the swanky Bangsar One dining street. As well as delicious tapas, there are dishes from across the Mediterranean, from France, Greece, Morocco and Turkey. It's abit pricey, but in return what do get? A suberb lovely meal. =]

Jalan Telawi 3/Bangsar Shopping Centre. Nearby Bangsar: The Gardens.
RM 55/per person ( Approximation – 3 course meal, excluding drinks)
Ambience: Relaxing, Calm
Famous for it's chic casual and glorious cakes, it has bloomed tremendously that now it has a few outlets. But i think the best one is the birthplace of Alexis which is at Telawi 3.It's a MUST-MUST go when you're in Bangsar.Trust me.well it's mouth watering Asian food which well indeed be stomach pleasing and appealing to those who caught sight of the food. Also,this restaurant will definately leave an imprint of wonderful flavours upon you when you taste the most tantalizing desserts you'll ever eat. You'll go gaga for it. x)

67,Jalan Balakong, Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar.
RM 75/++ per person ( Approximation – 3 course meal, excluding drinks)
Ambience: abit of fine dining, family orientated.

This restaurant i heard is pretty renowned. Many of the ministers including Mahathir, Anwar, Najib, and people like RPK Raja Petra Kamarudin etc have came to have a taste of a soul satisfyling, life-giving food over there. Situated among the cosy neighbourhood of Bangsar comes a pretty charming and relaxing dining place.Well, i personally like the steak there, grilled to perfection.( but i think i prefer San Francisco Steakhouse still) haha. Well, there are others too, trio combination(lamb,beef,fole gras), their own Opus spaghetti and most of all their specialty the fish. I think it's cod. haha. thats all i can remember.
Give it a try, I bet you'll never regret going but longing to go for a second round. =]

*All estimated prices are not accurate. It depends how much you eat.
Haha. one done.
Neext. Songs. =D

Saturday, April 25, 2009


Alright, i was feeling hyper, and weird
She introduced me to lemon.!
She said lemons will give you a pinch and wakes you up.

Awesome right? Waas so yellowish, dunno how many lemons were in there.
best part was, it woke me to my senses.
And i stopped whirling and reeling around my fantasy world dreaming of time travel.
I seriously was! HAHA.
So here, i wanna thank that Nerdy,Bimboish(don't mean it, but i mean it as a kawan baik lah duh!) heee.. hmm what else, Emo, Funny, Quacky, Friendly Nice friend. =x

I think i wanna post some cool songs and restaurants soon.
nth to post about dy. x)
100th post up next.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Quotentional =)

Our lives are not determined by what happens to us but by how we react to what happens, not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events, and outcomes. It is a catalyst, a spark that creates extraordinary results.

End result,
A happy life.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moderation is the best solution

I've learned that,
Overconfidence can bring u nowhere.
Low self-esteem also takes you nowhere
It's best you stay moderate.

I feel like composing a song.=)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Short-lived joy

.The QMs told me the wrong time. i got 13.36 after checking the list today.
Expected time. Nothing extraordinary. and i'm no top 3 neither.
I'm like one of the last few? HAHA.
The finals will be contradict my 6th position. I'm so confident.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I did better than expected, no reasons this time. =D

I actually thought i would get last in long jump.
Honestly speaking, but i tried my best and i got 5th or 6th out of 10. hahahaha.
For 100m, i did not. Cause i had overstrained myself the night before. 4-6 futsal with church mates, 7-9 tennis. So my legs weren't really in shape, in addition to the twisted ankle.But it got way better after the spray. 12.9sec. hmmm.
I did not run my best,
It was at least 0.5 secs off my average run.
I did not aim top 3 but i got it.

Considered awesome. I'm happy. =D

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I'm off off and awaaaaaaaay!

I got it heeeee
I passed the test, now the interview. But that's not college i want to go,
The other one is full =( 14th on the waiting list.
I hope i get in there. Then i can still play sports or else.. T.T

Friday, April 17, 2009

Salvation is ; here, there, where?

'You are the life and you live in me.'

Salvation Is Here

Next week is a test of faith.
I've never ran 100m and 200m for the past 5 years,
So i guess its worth a try? No medal also can lah. Last year already. Win lose don't care heeee =p
Long jump. Dunno how to jump, managed to get a place. Pretty awesome.xD

Alright next,
Got new symbals for drums. =D
One was a Paiste 18'' 201 Crash

and another was a Sabian 12'' B8 pro Splash

Will post some pics up soon. Pretty lazy now. haha.
But its simply awesome. Simply loving the sound more and more. =]

Besides that,
I wanna thank God for pulling me back when i almost repaired my phone for RM180.
My keypad couldn't work one morning all of a sudden, so i went to check it out,
they say it would cost Rm180. Whoa. I was like. Should i? Should i not?
To drag time to think, i pulled out my old phone to pretend to call mum so i could have more time to make a decision rather than stand there awkwardly. xD
In the end, i somehow just rejected, and i have no regrets since.
I'm so glad it's back working finely.

I love pork. O.o
Please say u do =x

Friday, April 10, 2009

Driving cats and dogs.

Recently it's been raining all the time in the evening.
Mostly during 5-8.
Justin, smart enough. Took his first driving lesson at 5.30.
Left house. Thunderstorm
Reach there. Drizzling.
While learning to drive. WHooooooooooshh. Rain like mad.
lol. excellent heh?
Luckilly i'm not afraid of driving in the horrid rain. It's pretty fun. Can't wait for next lesson. =D

Saturday, April 04, 2009

It takes time to realise

Once again.
It's never easy to spell how much things mean to me.
But when you lose something.
then you realize you'll never get back whatever you've lost.

That's referring to my pocket money this month.

I lost it at home. wth right?
So i have to tanggung sendiri. no money this month.
And by the way,
I'm dead broke.

Friday, April 03, 2009

For the bettter, for the future.

Is it luck that we rammed our way thru the quarters?
No coach, no training this year, no preparations.
We knew we were doomed this year.
Yet miracle brought us thru to the quarter finals.
We could have made it to the semis, but there wasn't any recuperation period for us.
Played 4 games in one day, and making us play the next day were thoughtless of them.
We were all worn out and burned to the vessels by the scorching sun.
What more, thanks to our friend who did a stunning tackle that earn him a yellow card, an operation and a 3 nights stay at a hospital.
We did not have any fresh legs the next day. So we were mati kongkiau. haha.
OH well.....
Injury prone me ended up injured again. heh xD

Results are tearing me up.
Everyone's getting what they want, while i get results that are inversely proportional to the time i spent on studies this term.
Haihhhh awesome. =]