Friday, April 03, 2009

For the bettter, for the future.

Is it luck that we rammed our way thru the quarters?
No coach, no training this year, no preparations.
We knew we were doomed this year.
Yet miracle brought us thru to the quarter finals.
We could have made it to the semis, but there wasn't any recuperation period for us.
Played 4 games in one day, and making us play the next day were thoughtless of them.
We were all worn out and burned to the vessels by the scorching sun.
What more, thanks to our friend who did a stunning tackle that earn him a yellow card, an operation and a 3 nights stay at a hospital.
We did not have any fresh legs the next day. So we were mati kongkiau. haha.
OH well.....
Injury prone me ended up injured again. heh xD

Results are tearing me up.
Everyone's getting what they want, while i get results that are inversely proportional to the time i spent on studies this term.
Haihhhh awesome. =]

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